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On January 26, the Sierra Club released a new report, The Dirty Truth About Utility Climate Pledges, that exam
We know that holiday celebrations will be different this year because of COVID-19.
With coal mines across the country closing as the country shifts to cleaner and lower cost sources of electricity, the safeguards that were supposed to guarantee
Over the past two weeks, we’ve had a wave of coal plant retirement announcements that’s the biggest I can remember in my decade plus with the Sierra Club.
Dominion Energy has lost $1.7 billion in customer money since 2012 by propping up outdated, polluting coal plants that are so unreliable they provide power to Sou
I’m not going to beat around the bush -- Maryland has failed to create a transition plan to move the state responsibly off coal while providing support for impact
255 premature deaths. 4,233 asthma attacks. 80 million pounds of sulfur dioxide. Billions of gallons of coal sludge.
For generations, residents of Turkey’s southeastern region of Afsin-Elbistan carried on with their traditional lives, working the fields in one of the country