The Solutions

The Solutions

Let’s go 100 percent clean energy now.

Clean energy technologies are driving a new era of job creation and American prosperity that works for everyone. A sustainable, just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy is possible. Solar, wind, and battery storage already power our homes and economy more affordably and safely than dirty coal and gas-fired power plants.

Fossil fuels like coal and gas aren’t bridge fuels: They offer a bridge to climate catastrophe. Fortunately, there are clean alternatives available now!

What are the Alternatives to Coal and Gas?

Produce Clean Energy

Renewable, clean energy can power a bright future.

Learn more about sources of clean power

Imagine a Clean Community

Read stories of communities where they’re making a vision of a clean-energy powered world a reality.

Hear about thriving, clean communities

Coal Vs. Clean Energy Show

Follow the adventures of Coal, Wind, and Solar and try your luck at the Coal vs. Clean Energy Game!

Be entertained by clean energy

Reinventing Power: America's Renewable Energy Boom

Reinventing Power is a documentary that tells the backstory of clean energy from innovation to installation. Over 50 minutes, viewers will hear directly from the people whose lives were changed because of the clean energy economy.

Hosting a Viewing Party?

There have been over 150 Reinventing Power Screenings across the country! Check out Reinventing Power tool kits and our fact sheets below to learn more about how clean energy supports our economy, health and energy grid.

Hear from activists around the country on how they’re fighting climate change and dirty fuel.

The Fight Against Dirty Fuel

We’ve been fighting the use of coal to fuel power plants for a long time now and have already closed more than 300 coal plants in the United States. We’ve also avoided over 8000MW of proposed gas plants, which would have emitted the equivalent of 30 million cars in a year.

See our victories

It’s time for leaders across the U.S. to commit to 100% clean and renewable energy for all.

Are you ready for a world with 100% clean energy? So are we! Sierra Club’s Ready For 100 campaign works with local governments so they can commit to 100% clean, renewable energy.

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You can be part of the solution by increasing your energy efficiency, reaching out to Congress, switching to an electric car, and so much more.

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