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Last month, the Garden State passed a major milestone:
In a victory for public health, the Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed a new  Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, which would protect Americans from da
For Women’s History Month we’re profiling some amazing activists from the Sierra Club and beyond.
From our experiences battling
The Scrubgrass Generating Plant in Venango County, Pennsylvania, tucked into a thick forest next to a meandering stretch of the Allegheny River, burns 600,000 tons of coal
Colorado communities are constantly feeling the impacts of climate change like longer and hotter summers, a rise in extreme wildfires, and an increase in polluted
On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency heard testimony on one of the most important public health standards of our time: regulating hazardous air pollut
Richard Hill and his wife live within a mile of the Clifty Creek coal plant in Hanover, Indiana.
Building on 10 years of experience working on the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, I have moved into a new and exciting role as a Senior Director for Energy Ca