Produce Clean Energy

Clean Energy Can Power Our Communities

Renewable, clean energy can power a bright future.

A house with a steep roof has solar panels on it. Yellow flowers are in the foreground.

Investing in renewable, clean energy solutions benefits communities in many ways. That means retiring coal plants and not building new dirty gas plants that would continue to pollute our air and climate. Cities, counties, towns, and neighborhoods powered by clean energy are healthier, enjoy a better quality of life, and even see an economic boost by attracting community investment and creating new jobs.

Moving Beyond Coal

There are more than twice as many
solar jobs as coal jobs, including
mining and power.
Energy efficiency programs employ nearly
2 million people,
nearly twice as many
as the oil and gas industry.
In 2016 a new wind turbine rose
every 2.4 hours in the US.
10 of the 12 worst environmental justice offending
plants have retired or proposed retirement.
Since 2010, 382 coal-fired power plants
have retired or proposed retirement.
Coal retirements have saved more than 7,000
lives, $3.4bn
in health care costs and prevented
more than 81,000 asthma attacks.

Wind Power

Wind power weans us off fossil fuels.

Solar Power

The sun provides abundant, clean energy.

Geothermal Power

The heat of the Earth’s core can be a powerful source of reliable energy.