America, Let's Move Beyond Coal and Gas

America, Let's Move Beyond Coal and Gas

We need to clean up our act when we produce energy.

To fight climate change, improve public health and reduce pollution, we have to stop burning fossil fuels. From mining to burning to waste disposal, there’s nothing clean about fossil fuels like dirty coal and fracked gas. Our campaign is uniting people across America to replace our dirtiest energy sources with 100% clean, renewable energy.

Coal-Burning Power Plants
The Beyond Coal campaign wants to close all coal plants in the U.S. and replace them entirely with sources of clean energy.
148 active plants  —  382 retired/proposed to retire

Retiring one dirty coal-burning plant will prevent:


premature deaths


heart attacks


asthma attacks


asthma emergency room visits

Where Do Coal and Gas Affect You?

Coal Pollution In America

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Gas Plants, Pipelines, and Export Terminals

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Proposed and existing gas plants and Pipelines

Dirty Fuels Hurt Our Environment

From the land we live on, to the water we drink, to the air we breathe, coal and gas poisons every…

What is the real cost of coal and gas?

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